House on Winchester

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Mandate & Statement of Principles

Draft: February 9, 2007

Vision: To make healthy, living and enriching communities a viable possibility.

- Co-operation
- Social and environmental justice
- Sharing skills and knowledge
- Diversity
- Anti-oppression
- Consensus decision-making
- Non hierarchy

- To strive towards the values set out by the community
- To engage outside the community by encouraging participation in activities, both inside and outside of the home
- To have the house be an open space for outside communities
- To strive towards simple and sustainable living i.e. grow our own food, reduce our ecological footprint, conserve energy, barter markets.
- To encourage conscious consumer choices.
- To support fair trade, organic, and locally produced goods.
- To foster and encourage the growth of other intentional communities
- To support each other in our daily lives and create a home through healthy relationships (i.e. cooking and eating together, checking in, and building caring and loving relationships)
- To support the sustainability and continuation of the community beyond the original members.

Resident Member Responsibilities:
- NB: A “resident member” is a person who lives in the community, supports the mandate and takes part in the functioning of the community.

1. Support the mandate of the community through positive energy and open communication.
2. Participate in regular house meetings.
3. Being proactive in the “up-keep” care and continuation of the community.

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