Mud House Charter


We the members of the Mud House are committed to

* ensuring that we do not reproduce the social atomization that exists within spaces organized for nuclear families, and
* the belief that the private is indivisible from the public, and
* establishing fair expectations for house members and ensuring that responsibilities are maintained, and
* promoting more open communication and inclusion within an increasingly supportive community

And for these ends

* to practice collective living with roots extending from our house to our community
* to share our ideas and resources for the purpose of maintaining the house as we envision it
* to ensure, by respecting consensus, that no conspiring or authoritarian power structures emerge in the house
* to use an empowered voice that brings to light our individual needs within our house and community

Having found our affinity in these goals we share our energies for there achievement

Accordingly, the respective beings of whom have been accepted as members, through house meetings at 481 Manning Avenue, and who have agreed to this charter; do hereby establish the set of house relations known as the Mud House

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